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Condos for Sale in Brampton

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Why Live in Brampton?

Our clients often ask us, “why to live in Brampton and not a bigger city like Toronto?” Without any doubt, Toronto is a big city with better work opportunities and amenities. But, living costs in Toronto, including home prices, are much higher compared to Brampton. And that could be scary for some people, especially when they’re just starting up, to buy a new home and start living in an expensive city like Toronto.

To help you here, we have developed a user-friendly small condo search engine. Use our tabs and filters to compare the prices of condos for sale in Brampton with other cities and choose the one that best defines your budget.

However, it is imperative to note that Brampton is not only about cost-saving. This beautiful city has much more to offer. We will now share more reasons with you to start calling Brampton your new home.

Quick Facts About Brampton

Before we dive into the details, let’s take a quick look at the city:

  • Brampton lies on the southern side of Ontario.
  • Nearby cities/towns are Mississauga, Georgetown, Caledon, and Vaughan.
  • It has 36 unique neighbourhoods, including Snelgrove, Castlemore, Peel Village, and Fletcher’s Meadows.
  • The city’s economy is driven by manufacturing, retail, administration, logistics, IT, food and beverage, and life sciences.
  • The city is close to Toronto Pearson International Airport.
  • Brampton Transit manages the city’s transportation system.
  • The city is served by several major transportation routes, including Highways 410 and 427.
  • The city is rich in green spaces, parks, public schools, health facilities, and more.

Top 5 Reasons to Call Brampton Your New Home

While there could be other reasons for you to live in Brampton, we are mentioning the top 5 reasons to start living in this amazing city:

Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in Brampton when compared to Mississauga is quite low regarding:

  • Groceries
  • Transportation
  • Fuel
  • Internet
  • Sports activities
  • Child care

According to NUMBEO, consumer prices in Brampton are lower by at least 1% than in Mississauga. The major difference comes in restaurant meals, some vegetables and grocery items, transportation costs, internet charges, sports activities, and clothing.

Housing Market

The housing market here is also very affordable compared to nearby cities like Mississauga, Caledon, Georgetown, Vaughan, and Toronto. According to research, the rental cost for a one-bedroom condo could go as high as 24%. Whereas the cost to buy a one-bedroom condo in Brampton could witness a variation of 34% compared with the costs in Mississauga.

Don’t forget to compare condo prices in Brampton with other nearby cities using our simple search tools. You may also compare condo prices for new condos for sale with resale condos.

Recreational Sites and Parks

In this buzzing age, we often find less time to meet nature. We rarely go out into the green, especially when we live in a crowded city with fewer green spaces. Here Brampton uplifts our lives by offering parks, green spaces, and conservation areas.

A few parks and conservation areas you may find in the city include Gage Park, Eldorado Park, Heart Lake Conservation Park, Professor's Lake, Donald M. Gordon Chinguacousy Park, Claireville Conservation Area, and White Spruce Park. These beautiful parks and conservation areas bring us playgrounds, volleyball and basketball courts, paddling options, splash pads, skating parks, ice rinks, picnic areas, and more.

So rest assured that you will have more open and fresh air to breathe when you live in Brampton rather than living in an overcrowded city.

Working in Brampton

Besides being a smaller city than Toronto, Brampton still offers many job opportunities for those living and coming here.

The city houses some big names like Loblaw Companies Ltd., Rogers Communications Inc., Chrysler Canada Brampton Assembly Plant, Maple Lodge Farms, Canadian Tire Corp, Coca-Cola Bottling Company Ltd., Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories, and Olymel L.P.

One of this city’s major benefits is its proximity to Canada’s largest and busiest airport - Toronto Pearson International Airport. The airport is around 20-minutes away from the city and makes it a major business hub in the region.

The city also has a low unemployment rate compared to Toronto, giving you another strong reason to live in Brampton.

Commuting from Brampton

The city’s transportation is provided by Brampton Transit in collaboration with Mississauga Transit, York Region Transit, Go Transit, and Toronto Transit Commission.

The city is also well connected with nearby cities with Highways like 410 and 427.

These interconnecting roads and transit systems provide easy access to nearby cities and towns.

These are a few of the major reasons to live in Brampton. If you still want to know more about the city, we are here to help. Give us a call at 416-318-3766 or send us an email at

Top 4 Neighbourhoods to Live in Brampton

The city has 36 neighbourhoods, including Snelgrove, Castlemore, Peel Village, Fletcher’s Meadows, and Bramalea. Some of the areas only have large freehold houses, while others provide a mix of housing options. For those starting a life in a condo, here are our top-most favorite places:


  • Affordable condos for sale.
  • Near the Brampton City Centre, the bus transit system, Chinguacousy Park.
  • 15-20 away from Mississauga and Vaughan.
  • Easy access to 410.

Downtown Brampton

  • New condos for sale with great security, indoor parking, and visitor’s parking.
  • Easy access to Gage Park, Garden Square, Rose Theatre, Farmers’ Market, Brampton bus stations, GO train station, rail, MiWay, and Zum.
  • Proximity to Highways 410.


  • Few condo buildings.
  • Easy access to Heartlake shopping center, Trinity Commons, and the Heart Lake Conservation area.
  • Proximity to a great number of schools.

Gore Meadows

  • Fewer condominiums for sale option.
  • Close to Vaughan, highway 427, Riverstone Golf Course.
  • Easy access to restaurants, shops, and groceries.

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