Top 5 Upcoming Condo Developments in Milton

August 22, 2023

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Milton has witnessed a remarkable surge in real estate development, particularly in condo living. With its tranquil surroundings, convenient access to urban amenities, and a strong sense of community, Milton has become an attractive destination for homebuyers and investors. 

This article delves into the top five up-and-coming condo developments shaping this vibrant town’s landscape. From modern designs to innovative features, these developments exemplify the evolving preferences of those seeking a harmonious blend of comfort, style, and connectivity in the heart of Milton’s promising future.

Invest in These 5 Up-and-Coming Condo Developments in Milton

1. Thompson Towers

130 Thompson Rd S, Milton

Thompson Towers is an exciting addition to the real estate landscape of Thompson Rd. S. and Drew Center is poised to redefine high-rise living in Milton. Developed by Greenpark Homes, this project comprises three elegant towers, seamlessly blending residential spaces with ground-level retail and commercial establishments. The development’s 31-story elevation showcases modern architectural aesthetics and addresses the growing demand for urban living spaces. With 802 units, Thompson Towers promises a vibrant and inclusive community experience for future residents. The project is scheduled for occupancy in 2026, aligning perfectly with the evolving needs of prospective homeowners and real estate investors.

a. Features & Amenities

This ambitious project has various thoughtfully designed features and amenities, ensuring a lifestyle that balances comfort, luxury, and practicality. The condominium boasts an impressive list of building amenities, including a well-equipped gym to support residents’ fitness goals, a party room for social gatherings, an outdoor games lounge for leisure activities, a refreshing swimming pool, and a relaxing sauna. 

The interiors of Thompson Towers reflect a commitment to contemporary design and quality craftsmanship. The kitchens feature specially crafted cabinetry with ample storage space, quartz countertops with a clean, polished edge, and modern appliances. Residents will appreciate the attention to detail, including chrome-finished plumbing fixtures, frameless mirrors, and energy-efficient fixtures that promote sustainable living.

b. Why Thompson Towers?

Thompson Towers is a remarkable choice for those seeking high-rise condos in Milton. With a contemporary design and quality commitment, this development offers an exceptional living experience that perfectly blends comfort and luxury. 

These high-rise condos for sale in Milton come with a thoughtfully curated array of amenities that cater to diverse lifestyles. Suppose you’re searching for condos for sale in Milton that epitomize modern urban living. In that case, Thompson Towers should be at the top of your list.

2. Mile & Creek Phase 2 Condos

760 Whitlock Ave, Milton, ON L9E 1S2

Milton’s landscape is set to be graced by a new gem in its real estate crown – Mile & Creek Phase 2 Condos, the highly anticipated second phase of a mid-rise condominium project by Mattamy Homes. Nestled at 760 Whitlock Ave, this pre-construction venture promises to be a haven for those seeking the perfect blend of urban innovation and natural tranquillity.

Positioned within an emerging innovation hub, Mile & Creek Phase 2 Condos will play a pivotal role in shaping Milton’s modern identity. The project’s location is in the heart of a burgeoning community that thrives on cutting-edge advancements and entrepreneurial spirit. 

Mile & Creek Phase 2 Condos is set to rise elegantly with two 8-story condo towers, creating a harmonious juxtaposition against the backdrop of Milton’s skyline. Two hundred twenty-six residential units will be distributed across these towers, offering diverse living spaces catering to various lifestyles and preferences.

a. Features & Amenities

These condos offer an impressive list of amenities catering to residents’ diverse needs. A state-of-the-art gym allows fitness enthusiasts to pursue their health goals. At the same time, a well-appointed meeting room offers a venue for collaborative discussions. Including a swimming pool and sauna ensures residents can unwind and rejuvenate in style. Additionally, a co-working space is a testament to the development’s commitment to facilitating modern work dynamics, making it an ideal residence for professionals and entrepreneurs.

b. Why Mile & Creek Condos?

Much like its counterparts, Mile & Creek Condos is an enticing opportunity for those seeking low-rise condos for sale. With a dedication to quality living, these low-rise condos in Milton effortlessly combine contemporary design with practicality. If you’re pursuing a residence that encapsulates the essence of urban living while embracing the beauty of nature, Mile & Creek Condos offers a haven nestled in the heart of Milton. Embark on an experience of refined living within these Milton condos, where comfort, style, and sustainability harmoniously coalesce to shape an exceptional living environment.

3. Kennedy Circle Condos

995 Thompson Rd S, Milton

Nestled at the juncture of Thompson Rd and Main St E in Milton, Kennedy Circle Condos by Gable View Homes is poised to redefine luxury living in one of Canada’s most rapidly growing cities. This thoughtfully designed mid-rise development comprises a 6-story building boasting modern architectural concepts and premium features. With a perfect blend of urban elegance and natural beauty, Kennedy Circle Condos is a testament to sophisticated living.

As the newest addition to Milton’s real estate landscape, Kennedy Circle Condos embodies the essence of modernity and convenience. With 148 units distributed across its six stories, this low-rise gem perfectly balances intimacy and community. The collaboration with KNYMH Inc. for architectural design ensures that the building harmoniously integrates into its surroundings. At the same time, the indoor amenities, meticulously crafted by Stagg & Paper Design Co., promise a truly luxurious living experience.

a. Features & Amenities

Residents of Kennedy Circle Condos are in for a treat with a suite of state-of-the-art amenities. The interiors of Kennedy Circle Condos reflect the commitment to quality and aesthetics. The suites feature modern-style interior doors and trim, creating an ambiance of contemporary elegance. Including bedroom and entry closets with thoughtful wire shelving and hanging rails enhance the practicality of each unit. With approximately 10’ high ceilings on the ground floor and around 9’ high ceilings on the upper floors, a sense of openness and spaciousness pervades each living space. 

Residents’ comfort and sustainability are key priorities at Kennedy Circle Condos. Each unit includes a full-size washer and an energy-efficient Heat Pump Ventless Dryer. Terraces, balconies, and patios have individual heating and cooling units and electricity and water consumption sub-metering. Security and communication features are equally impressive, with an integrated Smart Home system, video surveillance monitoring, and high-speed internet access via fibre optic technology.

b. Why Kennedy Circle Condos?

Kennedy Circle Condos presents an enticing opportunity for those searching for low-rise condos for sale. With a commitment to quality living, these low-rise condos in Milton seamlessly merge modern design with practicality. Suppose you’re seeking a home that encapsulates the essence of urban living while embracing natural beauty. In that case, Kennedy Circle Condos offers a haven in Milton’s heart. Experience the epitome of sophisticated living in these condos in Milton, where comfort, style, and sustainability converge to create a truly exceptional living environment.

4. Connect Condos 2

2230 Derry Rd W, Milton

Connect Condos 2, a new high-rise condominium development by Lindvest Properties Limited, is poised to bring modern urban living to Milton. This high-rise project aims to redefine contemporary living spaces at the junction of Derry Rd W & Ontario St S. With 262 units spanning 26 stories, Connect Condos 2 offers a variety of living areas to choose from. Expected to be ready for occupancy by 2025, these condos present a promising option for prospective homeowners.

a. Features & Amenities

The development boasts an array of amenities designed to enhance the living experience for its residents. These amenities include a gym, party room, outdoor games lounge, swimming pool, sauna, and a co-working space. Each comfort caters to different aspects of modern lifestyles, from health and leisure to work-related needs.

The condo units feature ceiling heights of approximately 9’0” with a smooth finish, lending an open and airy atmosphere. Plank laminate flooring graces the entry corridor, living/dining areas, bedrooms, kitchen, and den, creating a uniform and modern look. The interior space is thoughtfully designed, with approximately 4” flat cut baseboards and coordinating 2” flat cut door casings. 

The kitchen spaces in Connect Condos 2 embrace contemporary design, offering custom-designed cabinetry with soft-close doors, composite quartz slab countertops, and single basin under-mount stainless steel sinks. Coming to bathroom details, you can enjoy straight-edge composite quartz slab countertops with under-mount sinks, contemporary custom-designed vanities, and full-height ceramic wall tiles in the tub surround and separate shower stall contribute to the modern aesthetic. 

b. Why Connect Condos 2?

With its slated completion date on the horizon, a comprehensive suite of amenities catering to diverse needs, and a meticulously curated set of features, Connect Condos 2 is a promising addition to Milton’s real estate landscape. Suppose you’re seeking the allure of high-rise condos for sale and exploring condos for sale in Milton. In that case, this development seamlessly combines contemporary living with unparalleled convenience in the city’s heart. Whether you’re pursuing high-rise condos in Milton or are intrigued by the prospect of modern condo living, Connect Condos 2 offers a lifestyle that encapsulates the best of both worlds.

5. The Millhouse Condos

101 Nipissing Rd, Milton

Discover The Millhouse Condos, an exceptional mid-rise development brought to you by Fernbrook Homes in the heart of Milton. Nestled at the crossroads of Ontario St S & Main St E, this project redefines urban living with a seamless blend of convenience, style, and contemporary design.

Presenting 228 units spread across 17 stories, The Millhouse Condos introduces mid-rise condos for sale, an addition to Milton’s skyline. Anticipated to be ready for occupancy by 2024, this development offers a coveted opportunity for prospective homeowners to embrace their ideal lifestyle.

a. Features & Amenities

The Millhouse Condos takes luxury living to new heights, with various amenities catering to multiple preferences. Whether it’s a fully-equipped gym for fitness enthusiasts, a welcoming party room for social gatherings, a professional meeting room for business needs, or a refreshing swimming pool, these amenities enhance every aspect of life. Additional offerings such as a soothing sauna, versatile co-working space, inviting terrace, lush park, and a comfortable guest suite make this development a haven for residents.

b. Why The Millhouse Condos?

The Millhouse Condos is the answer for those seeking mid-rise condos in Milton that embody the perfect union of style and convenience. With its projected completion in 2024 and its strategic location and comprehensive amenities, it’s poised to become a sought-after address for individuals seeking elevated living in Milton. Take the chance to become part of this dynamic new community that captures the essence of modern living in the city’s heart.